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Jonathan Alderman

Location: Georgetown, Texas, 78628 / 23 miles

Hi my name is Jonathan alderman I am a kindhearted man looking for work on time hard worker thank you for your time Jonathan.

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Leonard Castillo

Location: Round Rock, Texas, 78664 / 15 miles

I have wide variety of skills that define my work ethic. I am adept and skilled in all aspects of home renovation and remodeling. I have been in this industry for over 20 years and I have a vast array of projects that have defined my path in the home improvement industry.

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Toya Irene

Location: Leander, Texas, 78641 / 13 miles

Recently moved to Austin from Wisconsin. I'm a business management student and I take pride in what I do!

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Tonya Clifton

Location: Austin, Texas, 78704 / 9 miles

Excellent organizational skills
Believe in being time efficient yet accurate
Strong attention to details
Open schedule, all days, any time
Dependable, Trustworthy, Honest, Respectful
Reliable transportation
17 years experience recruiting, training and placing candidates in the workforce.
7 years experience in Home reorganization and housecleaning services.

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Clark Dufour

Location: Austin, Texas, 78754 / 11 miles

Hello to all of you lovely people on the internet perusing through this compilation of data and code that is my NeedTo page.

My name is Clark, and I moved to Austin from the Houston area last year in search of ways to expand my mental and physical limitations. But when I'm not at my nine-to-five (which is more along the lines of five AM to five PM) I like to make some extra profits by helping out those in my area.

I specialize in all forms of outdoor and physical labor. I also have a firm knowledge of gardening, landscaping, including general lawn/plant maintenance and care.

I'm a very friendly, calm, and easy-going person. But that doesn't mean that I am by any means a slacker on the job; I take great pride in my work ethic as a series of lessons that have been instilled in me from my parents, who have spent their entire lives working.

So if you need someone to mow your lawn, trim your flower bushes, move some lumber/stones/metal for whatever project you're working on, do a few things around the house, or whatever odd-job you need done then just call, text, send me a message on here or through my email, and I can guarantee you that I will have a response.

Also, if you made it this far I want to apologize for the massive wall of text. Didn't want to spare any details. Peace.

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Cesar Hernandez

Location: Austin, Texas, 78726 / 5 miles

Responsible and Reliable individual that is looking to make extra cash to make up for fiance's cut hours at work. I have a clean criminal and driving record. I'm highly detail oriented, clean, time efficient, willing to go the extra mile to meet customer satisfaction. I'm a hard worker who does not mind getting my hands dirty. If you want someone that's motivated and will do a good job for you I'm the man you want.

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Travis Wellington

Location: Austin, Texas, 78750 / 6 miles

I was raised by two parents who from a young age taught me two very important lessons. 1. Always be willing to work and work hard, and 2. Never Stop Learning. Throughout my life I have picked up many skills and talents and am a Jack of all trades. I have a renaissance mindset and strive to know and perfect all kinds of different lines of work. I have a background in many fields and am able to do most tasks efficiently and effectively. I know people, love to get to know people and have an x factor that I can't describes that helps me always wind up in the right place at the right time.

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Gina Fenton

Location: Austin, Texas, 78761 / 4 miles

name is Gina Fenton.  I noticed your ad for home office organization. 
I'm very accustomed to this type of work.  I've worked as a secretary
where that's all I need - file receipts and other papers.  I'm also
really given to detail, as I've worked as a medical transcriptionist for
over 13 years.  Love organizing.  Do so for family members - cleaning
out closets and such.  I'm positive I can do a thorough job for you.  I
would love to tackle this project.  I'd like to make a bid for 12.00 an
hour.  My number is 512-949-1571.  Please feel free to contact me with
any questions or concerns or more information.  Thanks so much and have a
great day!                           Edit here

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Drew Neal

Location: Hutto, Texas, 78634 / 21 miles


My name is Drew. I own and operate DFN Handyman Services. Myself and most of my employees are firefighters in the central Texas area. We have a wide variety of skills and give the same respect to jobs big or small. Honesty, integrity, and good customer service is Our main goal. All employees are drug and alcohol free, with a clear criminal history. We charge by the hour but will bid by the job as well. Let us know if we can help with any of your needs! If we cannot do it we will send you to someone who can. God bless and thank you!

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Jonathan Garcia

Location: Austin, Texas, 78729 / 7 miles

I am Texas Native, who is accustomed to the Texas heat and would love to help you out with any Outdoor projects you may have. I have a large trailer to help you with hauling off just about anything. My website is

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Kollie Pewu

Location: Austin, Texas, 78752 / 8 miles

Newly formed business set to cater to our customer needs mowing, gutter cleaning, and installations needs. Give me a call and you'll be glad you did.

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Zach Cook

Location: Austin, Texas, 78705 / 7 miles

Business student at University of Texas at Austin.

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Fred Bankhead

Location: Austin, Texas, 78756 / 6 miles

Fred here, honest and hardworking. I live N Central Austin, Texas

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Everett Dimas

Location: Austin, Texas, 78701 / 8 miles

I was a Field Manager for DirecTV installations for the past 6 years. Before that I worked in the custom home building industry for 12 years and I actually had my residential home building license in Albuquerque before moving here to San Antonio 3 years ago. I can build a house from the ground up and my father and grandfather were sub-contractors. A few other things I can do is basic automotive repair, yard work, including grass mowing and trimming. I am currently going to school for a licensed massage therapist 2 days a week and on the weekends I do automotive detailing including carpet shampoo for auto or home. I have the tools to get just about anything done. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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Kayla Perusin

Location: Austin, Texas, 78745 / 11 miles

Fruit artist and health nut.
Excellent handwriting.
Seasoned ebay/craigslist seller.
Telemarketing experience.
Master organizer.
Can do pretty much anything you put in front of me.

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Kathryn Paige

Location: Round Rock, Texas, 78681 / 13 miles

Streamline Home Staging will effectively and beautifully stage or re-design your home while adding value to each property. We strive to make this the only company you need when it comes to reaching your home investment goals. Whether you are planning to place your home on the market, desire a freshly updated home, or just moving in, we are here to help!

"Streamline Home Staging and Re-Designs mission is to be attentive to the diversity of our client’s to help each person to achieve their individual home investment goals. We will strive to carry out educated, yet creative solutions to help express the unique character of each property we stage or re-design while be compassionate to our client’s requests. Our business motivation is to please our client’s by going over and beyond their expectations when it comes to professionalism, passion, and diligent work ethic. We hope to inspire others by preserving our own moral fiber and integrity while providing superb services to our clients."

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Edward Olivas

Location: Austin, Texas, 78705 / 7 miles

I'm a young artist trying to make ends meet in a new city. I'm 20, [censored] and a hard honest worker. Art is my only real love, but art cant pay for food, so i am looking for as much work as I can until I can get a full time job.

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Tammy Rogers

Location: Austin, Texas, 78759 / 5 miles

I am a very versatile woman, a jane of all trades you could say. From house cleaning, remodeling (tile as well as hardwood and laminate floor installation, interior paint, drywall repair), to yard work, to running errands and fixing computers as well as any beading (jewelry) and crochet I can do it all. I even do some automotive work.

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Meaghan Flaherty

Location: Austin, Texas, 78748 / 13 miles

I am an interior design student at Texas State. I am looking to gain experience before I begin practicing professionally. I can provide help with space planning and/or furniture and material selections.

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Aroma Chic Cleaning

Location: Austin, Texas, 78732 / 4 miles

We are a Austin-based women-owned cleaning service specializing in green and aromatherapy cleaning. A new holistic approach to home cleaning that can provide a positive effect on your health and well-being. Our main goal is to leave an inviting home or office by providing a happier, healthy service for clients, families and pets. Our Aroma-Chic Team has over twenty-five years experience combined and has earned loyal customers throughout the Austin/Surrounding area. We consider the establishment and management of Aroma-Chic to be a labor of love. We want to strive on giving back to the environment and keeping our city clean. This is why we only use "Green" products.

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Ariana Mahoney

Location: Austin, Texas, 78705 / 7 miles

I am 22 and new to the Austin area and I come originally from Portland, OR and have spent the past 14 years in St. Petersburg, FL. I love crafting of all sorts and I'm great at cooking and cleaning. I am the eldest of four of my own siblings and three other children who grew up with my family for some time, between the ages of 6 and 13. My oldest sibling is 15, so it's safe to say that I am comfortable handling children of all ages and I am confident in caring for newborns. I've seen and done everything and after it all I think kids have the best ways of reminding us how beautiful life is. Most of my experience is unpaid, but I feel that it is priceless experience all the same.

I believe that the best thing you can do for a child is nourish their creativity and yearning to learn, as well as their independence to an extent. Always allow them to dream, push themselves to be the best they can be and reassure them that anything is possible.

I have recently embarked on my dream to become a masseuse, which I've wanted since I was 4 years old. I have class Monday and Wednesdays, 5:00-11:00 p.m. with an internship on the horizon. Becoming fluent in massage therapy takes plenty of practice, so, if you are willing to help me learn, I'd love to offer some free massage.

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Denise Gonzales

Location: Round Rock, Texas, 78664 / 15 miles

Single mom with a multitude of experience in many areas. I have a full-time job working nights and would like some spare cash that I can make during the day sporadically. I am honest, reliable and ready to work!

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Frances Moreno

Location: Del Valle, Texas, 78617 / 18 miles

I am a spirited entreprenuer!! I love networking and helping people. Currently I run a contracting business with my husband and am working on a start up for an event planning business with my daughter. I believe good always wins and that hardwork is rewarded. :)

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Alicia Vera

Location: Austin, Texas, 78701 / 8 miles

I have experience cleaning, I do quality work and guarantee my work. I have references upon request and give reasonable rates to fit all budgets.

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Susan Smith

Location: Austin, Texas, 78745 / 11 miles

I'm a Native Texan and I've lived in Austin for about 5 years. I'm an upbeat and outgoing individual. I enjoy music festivals, yoga, hiking, swimming, kayaking, camping, and taking my dogs to the park. I'm a high school graduate and went to college for 2 1/2 years, but I'm not going to list where for privacy reasons. I have had all sorts of retail and customer service jobs. I have also washed dishes in an industrial kitchen. I am a hard worker and an honest and trustworthy person. Right now I work from home and make my own hours so I'm available almost any time for jobs like pet sitting/feeding/walking, lawn and garden work, house cleaning, and pickup and delivery of items (groceries, dry cleaning, etc.). I can do any type of unskilled labor as long as it doesn't require me to lift more than about 40 lbs. I would prefer to be paid in cash as NeedTo and Paypal both take a percentage of the fee.

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