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D Shelton

Location: Austin, Texas, 78704 / 9 miles

I am a friendly middle aged all around helper. Handyman work, Photography, and Computer help are my specialties. I am tall and strong and willing to sweat!

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Chandra Washington

Location: Austin, Texas, 78701 / 8 miles

I am a Performing Artist, Writer, and Culinary Artist (Vegan and Raw Vegan cuisine). I am Artistic Director of "Healing Caravan," a multi-disciplined performance project, in which I also perform original dance, music/vocals, spoken-word, and theater. My vocal specialty is Jazz Improvisation; my ear for harmonizing has also afforded me background vocal work. My dance specialty is from the Ancient Mali Empire era of West Africa, improv modern, and a combination of the two. I also teach a style of dance I coin "Ancient Hip-Hop" (African dance/"street dance" amalgam). I also practice yoga.

As a writer, I am author of a short story and workbook for youth on self-acceptance and anti-bullying. My writing proficiency also extends into the area of administrative writing (drafting letters of correspondence, press releases, memorandums, etc) and even script writing. I am also proficient in organizing files/paperwork, and like tedious tasks (ex.: alphabetizing CD collections, inventory counting). I have a pleasant, professional phone manner, can manage multiple phone lines, and take accurate messages/notes.

My experience in food preparation ranges from catering to workshops to private lessons to personal chef, and I have interest in craft services setup for film locations. I can provide food preparation workshops, individual instruction and catering for small events (ex.: backstage food setup). I have been a practitioner of what I call "Healing Cuisine" and herbal nutrition for over 30 years.

I enjoy travel, hiking, biking, music, dance, performing, and would serve as a fun companion. If you are in need of a driver or companion for a long-distance drive, I also enjoy and have the endurance for driving long distances, backed by an impeccable driving record.

I am very personable, energetic, reliable, and have the the capacity to represent you/your service attractively and with integrity. Look forward to hearing from you!

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Carlo Cruz

Location: Austin, Texas, 78744 / 13 miles

I have been in the automotive service industry for almost 10 years. In the last couple of years, however, I started to venture out from my core skill set. I have steadily built excellence in essay writing, higher division mathematics (algebra up to differential equations), strategic management (business planning and systematizing processes), research work, lawn care, auto detailing, general cleaning, moving, packing and mailing, among others. I see myself as a well-rounded guy with a well-rounded set of marketable skills I hone everyday. Problems to me is just part of the game. The game is to help myself by helping other people with their problems. This isn't a zero-sum game, where everybody loses. In my eyes, I am here to help you win and you are here to help me win as well. We are all here to help each other.

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Keith Ryder

Location: Austin, Texas, 78719 / 16 miles

Have over 25 years experience and put pride in everything I do. There is very little things I can't do. So even though it may not be in my list (we are limited to only choose 5 categories) ask me, for most things I can help you. My rate's are negotiable.

Automotive Assistance Events Fun & Bizarre Handyman & Assembly Other Skilled Labor

David Trautwein

Location: Austin, Texas, 78744 / 13 miles

I like this site. So far so good. Everyone needs a lot more feed back to help support their business.

I'm available to help coach your child one on one, in basketball and flag football. Now when it comes to the adult things to learn and have FUN with,,,,
I'm available to help teach Vegas games... Roulette, craps, and black jack... I have a table to practice also. FUN . FUN . FUN..
I'm available to help teach you the basics in working a great deal on "how to buy a car or truck" could save you thousands...
These are the things that I am very good at and very much enjoy to teach. If you think you could use the help. I can be available.

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Philip Loyd

Location: Austin, Texas, 78701 / 8 miles

I've been executing and honing my craft of digital marketing and management with small to large sized businesses for 2 years now - Addicted to coffee for 6.

Creative & Writing Fun & Bizarre Lessons & Tutoring

EPIC Entertainment

Location: Austin, Texas, 78734 / 7 miles

EPIC Entertainment is Austin's one-stop-shop of fun for public and private events throughout Texas. We offer over 25 different entertainers for private parties, school assemblies, church shows, boy scout packs, weddings, grand openings, festivals, and corporate functions.

Choose from a variety of performers like: jugglers, magicians, face painters, balloon twisters, glitter tattoo artists, DJ's, kids hula hooping classes, fire dancers, aerialists, inflatable games, go karts, mechanical horse rides, putt putt golf, unicyclists, contortionists, photographers, and lots more!

You can receive a customized show to meet just about any budget. The more performers or more hours you book, the more money you save.

Check out pics, videos, and reviews on our site at: or call 512-619-4345.

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Jay Strong

Location: Austin, Texas, 78701 / 8 miles

I'm just a generally good-natured guy who enjoy's an honest day's work. I've got a little experience in a lot of things. I'm fairly handy when it comes to fixing most minor house-hold issues. I am a licensed aircraft mechanic by trade. If I say I can do something, I mean it. Lying about what I can or can't do does neither of us any good. I've got a truck and am not afraid to get dirty. I'm patient and good with people. I taught my wife how to drive a stick shift after she had given up on learning it herself. Give me a shot, I won't let you down.

Fun & Bizarre Handyman & Assembly Lawn & Garden Moving & Hauling Other Skilled Labor

Clark Dufour

Location: Austin, Texas, 78754 / 11 miles

Hello to all of you lovely people on the internet perusing through this compilation of data and code that is my NeedTo page.

My name is Clark, and I moved to Austin from the Houston area last year in search of ways to expand my mental and physical limitations. But when I'm not at my nine-to-five (which is more along the lines of five AM to five PM) I like to make some extra profits by helping out those in my area.

I specialize in all forms of outdoor and physical labor. I also have a firm knowledge of gardening, landscaping, including general lawn/plant maintenance and care.

I'm a very friendly, calm, and easy-going person. But that doesn't mean that I am by any means a slacker on the job; I take great pride in my work ethic as a series of lessons that have been instilled in me from my parents, who have spent their entire lives working.

So if you need someone to mow your lawn, trim your flower bushes, move some lumber/stones/metal for whatever project you're working on, do a few things around the house, or whatever odd-job you need done then just call, text, send me a message on here or through my email, and I can guarantee you that I will have a response.

Also, if you made it this far I want to apologize for the massive wall of text. Didn't want to spare any details. Peace.

Fun & Bizarre Health & Fitness House Chores & Cleaning Lawn & Garden Moving & Hauling

Leonora Molina

Location: Austin, Texas, 78741 / 11 miles

I have a B.S. in Architecture and currently work doing space planning, creating 3D Renderings and floor plans for office buildings.
My interests include music, movies, flamenco dancing, and silversmithing.
I've worked in retail (clothing and furniture), have done both event and guerrilla marketing, I have bartended and cocktailed and have worked in architecture.
I'm not shy. I work hard, learn fast, and love a challenge.

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Brian McGloin

Location: Austin, Texas, 78758 / 8 miles

My professional background features photography, writing and editing. However, there is more to it, I worked as a bike messenger in NYC, I have retail experience, I can assemble and figure things out.

I'm patient and can work through problems while not forgetting the bigger picture.

While I always try to be prepared, I can also make things up as I go along.

Creative & Writing Fun & Bizarre Health & Fitness Office Help Photography & Video

Ariana Mahoney

Location: Austin, Texas, 78705 / 7 miles

I am 22 and new to the Austin area and I come originally from Portland, OR and have spent the past 14 years in St. Petersburg, FL. I love crafting of all sorts and I'm great at cooking and cleaning. I am the eldest of four of my own siblings and three other children who grew up with my family for some time, between the ages of 6 and 13. My oldest sibling is 15, so it's safe to say that I am comfortable handling children of all ages and I am confident in caring for newborns. I've seen and done everything and after it all I think kids have the best ways of reminding us how beautiful life is. Most of my experience is unpaid, but I feel that it is priceless experience all the same.

I believe that the best thing you can do for a child is nourish their creativity and yearning to learn, as well as their independence to an extent. Always allow them to dream, push themselves to be the best they can be and reassure them that anything is possible.

I have recently embarked on my dream to become a masseuse, which I've wanted since I was 4 years old. I have class Monday and Wednesdays, 5:00-11:00 p.m. with an internship on the horizon. Becoming fluent in massage therapy takes plenty of practice, so, if you are willing to help me learn, I'd love to offer some free massage.

Creative & Writing Family Services Fun & Bizarre House Chores & Cleaning Pet Care

James Torrez

Location: Austin, Texas, 78731 / 4 miles

Events Fun & Bizarre Handyman & Assembly Lessons & Tutoring Shopping & Delivery

Denise Gonzales

Location: Round Rock, Texas, 78664 / 15 miles

Single mom with a multitude of experience in many areas. I have a full-time job working nights and would like some spare cash that I can make during the day sporadically. I am honest, reliable and ready to work!

Events Fun & Bizarre House Chores & Cleaning Office Help Shopping & Delivery

Daniel Alejo

Location: Austin, Texas, 78751 / 7 miles

Currently in between jobs but not reason to stop working.

I'm a college graduate and have done all type of work from manual labor to office work and professional events.

Events Fun & Bizarre Lawn & Garden Office Help Transportation

Susan Smith

Location: Austin, Texas, 78745 / 11 miles

I'm a Native Texan and I've lived in Austin for about 5 years. I'm an upbeat and outgoing individual. I enjoy music festivals, yoga, hiking, swimming, kayaking, camping, and taking my dogs to the park. I'm a high school graduate and went to college for 2 1/2 years, but I'm not going to list where for privacy reasons. I have had all sorts of retail and customer service jobs. I have also washed dishes in an industrial kitchen. I am a hard worker and an honest and trustworthy person. Right now I work from home and make my own hours so I'm available almost any time for jobs like pet sitting/feeding/walking, lawn and garden work, house cleaning, and pickup and delivery of items (groceries, dry cleaning, etc.). I can do any type of unskilled labor as long as it doesn't require me to lift more than about 40 lbs. I would prefer to be paid in cash as NeedTo and Paypal both take a percentage of the fee.

Fun & Bizarre House Chores & Cleaning Lawn & Garden Pet Care Shopping & Delivery

Taj Kai

Location: Austin, Texas, 78750 / 7 miles

Easy going yet hard working guy. Ready to get my hands dirty doing your tasks. Quickly yet efficiently.

Automotive Assistance Computer Help Events Fun & Bizarre House Chores & Cleaning

Sara LeVine

Location: Austin, Texas, 78758 / 8 miles

I'm a stay at home mom and I currently run a small non profit here in Austin. I love the outdoors, crafts, animals and kids.

Events Family Services Fun & Bizarre Pet Care Shopping & Delivery

Kayla Hines

Location: Austin, Texas, 78701 / 8 miles

Events Fun & Bizarre House Chores & Cleaning Pet Care Volunteer

Dena Maddie

Location: Austin, Texas, 78745 / 11 miles

Business & Legal Creative & Writing Fun & Bizarre Health & Fitness Volunteer

Daniel Larsen

Location: Austin, Texas, 78701 / 8 miles

Automotive Assistance Business & Legal Creative & Writing Events Fun & Bizarre

Shina Rae

Location: Austin, Texas, 78702 / 9 miles

Creative & Writing Events Fun & Bizarre Lessons & Tutoring Shopping & Delivery

Lacy Jewel

Location: Austin, Texas, 78729 / 7 miles

Fun & Bizarre Pet Care Seasonal Volunteer

Student of Nursing

Location: Round Rock, Texas, 78681 / 13 miles

I am a very sociable, outgoing, fun-loving individual. I am very versatile, meaning I can adapt to almost any situation and or my surroundings. I enjoy learning new things and I am quick at it. I have worked a little of everything, Expert in medical/health field, customer service, waitress, hosting, cashier, retail, activity coordinator, maid, inventory specialist, personal assistant, (pinch OCD so VERY organized and clean individual, painter, mover, lawn care, you name it and I suppose I have done it!! If not I am not afraid to let you know, very trustworthy and honest person!!!

Fun & Bizarre Health & Fitness House Chores & Cleaning Moving & Hauling Shopping & Delivery

Chris McBride

Location: Austin, Texas, 78747 / 16 miles

Fun & Bizarre Handyman & Assembly House Chores & Cleaning Shopping & Delivery Transportation