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Drive a car to PA for inspection $25.00/hr

Location : Alexandria, Virginia, 22304 / 1259 miles

I need someone to drive a car 72 miles to PA for inspection and back to northern Virginia


Find my USPS mail in Chicago $12.00/hr

Location : Chicago, Illinois, 60661 / 953 miles

I need someone to go to the USPS, find out what's going on with my mail, and make sure it arrives to the destination.


A car that runs well cheap $500.00

Location : Salt Lake City, Utah, 84102 / 1028 miles

I need a car so I can get to my doctor's appts. (Lots of them, cancer, heart,diabetes), i am also starting delivery work, so needs to be reliable. Not cute, just reliable. I am very poor currently, but if cheap enough, may be able to to buy outright. If not, im willing to sign contract & make bi-mo…